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Board-Certified Florida State
and Federal Appeals Attorney

Anthony Michael Candela
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​Appeals Services

The Candela Law Firm has the necessary experience to handle your criminal appeal in either the state or federal appellate courts. Over the past 20 years, Candela Law Firm has filed briefs, and successfully argued appeals in the State appellate courts (Second, Fourth, and Fifth District Courts of Appeal and the Florida Supreme Court). The Candela Law Firm has also handled criminal appeals at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeal (federal). The Candela Law Firm also has experience in appealing certain family law and civil matters.

Additionally, the Candela Law Firm has extensive experience in filing the following extraordinary remedies which include writs of habeas corpus, prohibition, mandamus, or certiorari. There are not a lot of attorneys that have both the experience in filing a writ and/or understand the value of these extraordinary remedies to assist the accused. For instance, if the trial court denies a motion for bond without a sufficient reason, the appellate court may grant release via a writ of habeas corpus. On the other hand, if the trial court denies a motion to dismiss based on a speedy trial violation, the proper remedy may be a writ of prohibition to prevent the court from going forward. If the trial court denies a motion requesting immunity under “stand your ground,” the next step is usually a writ of prohibition challenging the ruling. These are some of the many examples.

The Candela Law Firm, P.A., has successfully researched, briefed, and argued close to a hundred criminal appeals (including extraordinary relief) over the past 20 years. We have the experience to successfully navigate and guide you through this oftenmisunderstood legal labyrinth.

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